If you’re caught in a cycle of recurring pain and ineffective treatments, we offer an opportunity for you to relieve your pain and take back control of your life.

The Healthy Back Workout at Back2Strength, utilizing MedX and SuperSlow strengthening equipment, is a researched-based medical exercise system that improves the health and fitness of your back in only one or two 20 minutes sessions a week. It’s a unique and incredibly effective exercise program with one goal: to relieve your pain and return you to normal activities as quickly as possible. Safe, Effective, Research-Based! When you learn how to properly exercise your back, incredible rejuvenating changes occur no matter how old, how weak, or what condition your back is in. We guarantee it!



Ask yourself the following questions.

1. Have you had neck or lower back pain symptoms for more than 6 weeks?
2. Have you had recurring flare ups of back or neck pain?
3. Do you feel like your back is weak and getting it stronger would really help you feel better?

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, you may be a good candidate for our spinal strengthening program.

First, let us explain why MedX is so helpful with Chronic Back Pain.

Over the past 15 years, medical researchers have found that those suffering with recurring back pain have weak, atrophied, or dysfunctional muscles in the spine called the multifidi.  These muscles are the deepest in your spine and are responsible for bending, twisting, and extending the spine.  They are critical for spinal stabilization and movement.Multifidi

What the Medx Lumbar Testing and Exercise equipment allows us to do is isolate these muscles, evaluate their strength, and then compare these results with healthy normal individuals to find out how strong or weak you are.  This is what we call a “functional assessment.”  If you are in a weakened condition, we can help you get stronger safely and efficiently.  By getting you stronger you feel better, function better, and achieve a long-term, lasting relief.

You may wonder, “How is this possible?”  Well, just imagine you have broken your arm and your arm has been put in a cast for 6-8 weeks or so.  You take the cast off, the bones have mended but now there is a secondary problem.  It is very apparent that the muscles in your arm have become weak and atrophied, so normally you go perform exercise to strength the muscles up so you can use that arm normally again.  Remember that you don’t have to keep doing those exercises to maintain that strength.

It is the same situation with the muscles in your back; they are weak and atrophied, but the problem is you can’t see them, you can’t feel them, and you have nothing to compare them to.  All you know is that your back hurts.  If your back is weak, there is a strong chance it is due to muscular dysfunction.

It is well-known that this complex of weakness, stiffness, and immobility is a major contributing cause in most chronic back pain conditions.  By strengthening these muscles and getting them “Back2Strength,” you are going to function better and feel better.

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