Weight Loss

Tired of Waiting for Weight Loss?

If you are like the many Americans who have made a New Year’s resolution, losing weight may be on your list. Between on again/off-again gym memberships, trendy diets, and the holidays, it can get overwhelming and lead to that feeling of “I’ll never lose this weight.” However, the New Year allows you a chance to put it all behind you and put your best foot forward! If you have doubts about whether resolving to lose that extra weight in 2015 even matters, research shows that making a resolution actually does make a difference.

A recent study found that six months into the new year, 46 percent of those who had made formal resolutions reported being on track to achieve their goals. On the other hand, only 4 percent of “non-resolvers” (people who just loosely “wished” they could change something about their lives) were achieving their goals. This means you have good reason to

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